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Oct 31 | Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Everyone who has children or who has worked with children is aware of the "terrible two's." The majority of the children will grow from the "no" stage to become inquiring, comfortable children. But a few children don't reach that goal. Instead these children develop a pattern  of chronic aggression filled with open hostility, and defiant toward authority figures. When this behavior develops into a behavior trait that interferes with day-to-day functioning, they may be classified as having oppositional defiant disorder (ODD).

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Sep 15 | More Benefits of Facebook

In the last blog, the necessary guidelines for using Facebook properly in the classroom were discussed as well as a preview of the plentiful teaching materials to be found by both the educator and the parent.

Here are some of the benefits that may be obtained by using Facebook as a teaching tool in the classroom and at home.

Facebook gives such an imitating atmosphere totally opposite of the formal atmosphere of the classroom or the necessary feeling a student has when doing homework. The student realizes that they are an active participate on a level playing field. There is no judgment, censorship, or preconceived ideas. Facebook isn't owned by any one person but belongs to the group collectively.

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Sep 06 | Five Outstanding Traits of a Leader

In order for a person to be a productive leader, they must possess certain qualities that define them as an effective person for leadership.  The first trait of an effective leader is character. Character is developed as a person matures from a child to an adult. It is the sum total of that person?s interaction with other people. Character defines a person?s values. As a leader, one must be able to define one?s values to determine if they have the qualities needed to motivate others and to inspire others to perform to the best of their abilities. Thus, an effective leader knows his values, is comfortable with his values, and will use those values to base decisions and lead. If a leader is not positive about his values, he will be led to self-serving decisions and will fail miserably as a leader. If fact, he will not become a leader but a manipulator. The second trait of an effective leader is consistency. The dictionary defines leadership consistency as a steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, or form. If an educational leader is consistent, they will create an environment that produces security in their followers.  Everyone knows what to expect, how they are expected to perform, and the results of performing to those expectations. Teachers who are clear about their expectations in a classroom have few discipline problems enabling them to spend all their time teaching and very little time solving behavioral problems. Their classrooms are safe and secure. Administrators who, like the teachers, are clear about their expectations will produce high-energy, safe, and productive schools.

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Jul 19 | Tutoring: A Wise Choice For Your Child

Recently you asked yourself a very important question:

Does my child need tutoring? Many reasons why your child needed tutoring passed through your mind. Exploring those reasons can bring a peace of mind to you assuring you that the correct decision was made.There are many reasons why a child may need tutoring. The child may be suffering from autism or dyslexia. Or,he/she may not be making the grades sufficient for the end of school testing, thereby, causing frustration and feelings of failure in school. Mr. Edward Gordon, president of the Imperial Consulting Corporation, reported in an October, 2011 article for The New York Times that "the majority of parents who hired a tutor to help their child with academics did it because the child was struggling, or to increase already high scores."

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Nov 17 | Mainstream School - Special Needs Child

Years ago I was buried in the decision making process of whether to continue to pay tuition at a small but exceptional parochial school or on the other hand, to "bite the bullet" and enroll my children in a public school. While still preoccupied with all the agonizing details of the decision, I pulled my rattling red, high mileage jeep into the "carpool" line and was immediately surrounded by a plethora of brand new Escalades and Navigators...and, I had an epiphany. "What was I doing?" Despite being blinded by all those shiny cars reflecting the bright Texas sun I clearly saw that THIS was not the real world. The school's curriculum was exceptional; the teachers extraordinary; but the student body, while being racially diverse was definitely not economically different. I realized that my children needed to be surrounded by peers whose backgrounds reflected the community in which they lived. Half of what our children learn in school has to do with academics...the other half of their education revolves around developing social skills and learning how to intereact with the world around them. Glass bubbles provide a temporary safe haven...but ultimately they break. Removing special needs children from mainstream schools deprives them of 50% of their education.

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Feb 23 | Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?

A client shared this You Tube clip about educating kids.  A twist on the Public Education point of view....

A humorous monalogue by Sir Ken Robertson and his opinion about the current educational system and the loss of creativity.  A worldwide problem; the loss of creativity in the school system.


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Sep 14 | I Hate Homework

Last night I had the privilege to go to a client meeting with one of our franchise owners. He was particularly concerned about how one of his students and the family were impacted by stress from school. While in our meeting the child gave me a copy of a paper he wrote titled "I Hate Homework." Very well written. A message that many parents can understand and appreciate. Read the message below by a young student that is very gifted and fed up with the homework process in his life. He has no time to hang out with his friends, no time to skateboard, no time to just have fun! By the time he returns home after a long school day it is almost dark and the family evening routine to prepare for another day of routine begins without question but with a battle of words and frustration....He writes:

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