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Maybe I Need Another Year of Preschool

Sep 05 | Maybe I Need Another Year of Preschool

School Supplies…Check
New Backpack…Check
Velcro Shoes…Check
Back to School Hairdo…Check

There is no way to be fully prepared for the first day of Kindergarten no matter how much you try. The range of emotions alone that surround the first day of Kindergarten can be intense and never-ending. There were a lot of tears, fears, questions, and doubts. Will the new teacher be nice? Will the kids be nice? And all of those thoughts came from me.

My biggest challenge was not to let my daughter pick up on my fear and anxiety. She was fine with it from day one, but I on the other hand was a complete and utter mess. The more I stressed about the first day, the more apparent it became that my daughter was very excited about the idea. I quickly realized that maybe I was the one who needed another year of preschool.

Follow up:

I quickly tried to transfer my emotions from being afraid, to a spirit of excitement and adulation. After all, this was her milestone not mine. If she was joyful, who was I to rain on her parade? It’s a common new-age parent struggle that we want to shelter our kids from every possible hurt, but I am determined to conquer my own neurosis.

Here is how the day unfolded:

6:00 Early rise for the normal teeth brushing and grooming (I had to do this for her this day even though she could do it herself)
6:15 Getting dressed (no breakdowns or tears)
6:30 Light breakfast
7:00 Impromptu photo session outside
7:15 March to school with dad in-tow
7:20 Photos with the school mascot (the scene was very festive, no crying kids, parents all around with cameras snapping away, the mascot outside posing with all the kids!) My daughter was ecstatic.
7:30 Drop-off in class (pretty normal…we gave our daughter quick hugs and kisses and we were off!)
3:00 Pick up from school. My little one was all smiles and filled with stories about her new teachers and all the new friends she had made.

Overall, the whole experience was downright lovely. Now I realize that I was just being silly and we don’t give our kids enough credit. I know that Generation Z kids are very resilient, accepting, and that they are all game for new experiences.

So parents put down the anti-bacterial gel and take this pledge with me, ”From this day forward, I pledge to CHILL OUT, and to enjoy all of my children’s firsts as they come!”

There I did it; I am all fixed…that is until the first day of First Grade…ARGH!

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