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Jan 21 | Live the Dream Expo to be held February 9th

Live the Dream Expo is a resource fair for parents, professionals, and providers of children and adults with special needs. Two of the sessions being offered include Trusts, Wills, and Estate Planning for Special Needs and How to Apply for Supplemental Security Income. The event is free and kid-friendly. There will be interactive art projects, musical performances, food, face painting and more for the kids to enjoy. It will be held at the Curtis Culwell Center (formerly the Garland ISD Special Events Center) at 4999 Naaman Forest Boulevard in Garland. More than 70 exhibitors are expected! For more information, contact THE ARC at 214-634-9810 (ext. 105) or

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Apr 15 | Asperger's and Social Interactions

One apsect of Asperger's Syndrome is difficulty with social interactions. This manifests itself in the inability and/or lack of desire to interact with peers. Specific things to look for include whether your child initiates play and how they react when someone else wants a toy that they have or they want a toy someone else has. It can also be difficult for them to understand the rules of game playing (taking turns, sharing). They may always need to be first, have difficulty winning or losing, or have to control the rules of the game. They may be unaware of the emotions of others and/or how to respond to them. They may not be sure how to accept compliments or understand the reason for apologizing. They may laugh at something that is sad or ask questions that are too personal. Self-stimulating such as rocking, tics, eye blinking,or making noises are not uncommon. If you notice that your child has a lot of these characteristics, then you may want to speak with their teacher(s) and see if they are also seeing the same thing. There is so much that can be done to help so don't hesistate to ask.

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Developmental Delay: Speech and Language Benchmarks

Some parents have asked what is "normal" for their children in the area of speech. I wanted to offer the following benchmarks:

  • By around six months- recognizes their own name, babbles,laughs, and whines purposefully, turns and looks at unfamiliar sounds.
  • By around twelve months- can identify two body parts on theirself, imitates sounds and says one or two words, understands simple directions.
  • By around eighteen months-may have around 15 words in their vocabulary, communicates with gesture or vocalization, recognizes familiar people and objects in pictures.
  • By around two years old-says his own name, says two and three word phrases, says their own name, uses 150-300 words.
  • By around three years old- is understood by strangers most of the time, imaginary play begins, can follow two and three step commands.
  • By around four years old-carries on a conversation (asking who and why).
  • By around five years old- speaks in detailed sentences, communicates with peers and adults, says most sounds correctly but may have trouble with l, s, r, v, z, ch, sh and th.

If your child is not reaching certain milestones by age three, you may consider contacting your local public preschool to see if they need to be evaluated for speech and language services. If they do, those services are free and may begin at age three.

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Oct 19 | Free College Seminar This Saturday

This Saturday, Oct. 22nd, the Universtiy of Texas at Dallas, along with U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson and The Sallie Mae Fund, will host a college workshop. Learn about saving for college, the financial aid process, admissions, and types of financial aid and scholarships.
The University of Texas at Dallas is located at 800 W. Campbell Rd., Richardson, TX and the hours are from 3-5 p.m. For more information, call Congressman Johnson's office at 972-470-0892.

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Oct 09 | Milestones for 12-14 Year Olds

Early adolescence is a time of many physical, emotional, mental, and social changes. Teens start to make more of their own choices about sports, friends, and school. They are more independent and have their own interests. Some of the emotional and social changes they go through include:
Focusing on self, going back and forth between having high expectations to having little confidence
More interest in their peer group and are easily influenced by their peer group
May appear short-tempered at times

This is a growth period where there is a transition from childhood to puberty. There are so many physical changes and that can cause them to worry about how they look to others. Even though they do not think they need their parents as much, they need constant support and guidance from them.

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