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Oct 01 | Beginning Math For The Dyslexic Child

All parents are eager to see a baby’s first step.  Then they wait for the first word, and, before long, the parents are teaching their child ABC’s and how to count.  For the parents of the dyslexic child this moment will not come at an early age.  The parents may think, “Oh, he’ll grow out of it.  Just wait until he goes to school.”  And they do.  But the problem isn’t solved at school. 

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Sep 17 | Summer's Over


Yes, summer is over. Hopefully, this summer has been one that can be happily remembered. We want those school years to be remembered happily, too. There are ways to brighten going back to school for children. If the school year begins well, chances are the rest of the year will go well also. So, what can be done to help everyone ease back into the school year with the least amount of conflict?

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Aug 24 | Tutoring For A Cause

Reasons for tutoring are multiple, but the basics of tutoring remain the same: to assist a child in succeeding.

Tutoring offers personalized attention which can be given in a one on one situation. Personalized attention is given to each individual student. In the average classroom, the teacher must focus on the needs of twenty or thirty students, but a tutor concentrates on the abilities of the student directly in front of him. The child is no longer one in a crowd. A classroom teacher must stay on task and move from one area to another area of learning at a given rate. Test preparation is often the most motivating circumstance is a classroom.  A tutor can concentrate on the abilities of the student and move forward only when the student is ready. There is no need to keep up with the pace of the class leaving behind any student who has not yet mastered the concept of the lesson. Instead, the tutor can spend as much time as necessary on the subjects the student finds difficult. If the child has mastered a concept, the tutor will not dwell on it but move ahead in the curriculum.

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Jun 17 | Sunscreen Lingo and Tips

If you're like understand the importance of protecting your child from the harmful effects of the sun and you have absolutely no idea how to choose a sunscreen that is right for your child. One severe sunburn early in life can double your child's chances of developing melanoma as an adult. Since you're likely overwhelmed by the plethora of choice available... I thought the decision might be a little easier if you had the facts.

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Jun 10 | Basic Water Safety Tips For Children

We all have heard of tragedies involving children drowning...even when they were under supervision. It's a horrific event that all too often destroys families as well...when they need each other the most. Did you know that:

  • each year in the United States nearly 1,000 children die by drowning.
  • most drownings occur in home swimming pools.
  • drowning deaths of children can occur within 20 seconds. Infants, toddlers, and weak swimmers should have an adult swimmer within arm's reach at all times to provide "touch supervision."
  • young children can drown in less than 2" of water.
  • young children are especially vulnerable.

The good news is that with some common sense and practice of basic safety rules, drowning doesn't need to happen.

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