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Oct 26 | Building Confidence in the Dyslexic Child

Unfortunately, the majority of children who are dyslexic are convinced that they are stupid and worthless. This child experiences failure in class, day after day. He/she looks around and sees the other children succeeding only to realize that he/she is failing. What other conclusion but “dumb” can they draw?

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Oct 12 | Scholarship Information

Here is a brief list of some of the available scholarships for 2012 seniors with contact information and application deadlines.  Creative Tutors can help with scholarship application essays as well as college application essays.  

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Aug 24 | Tutoring For A Cause

Reasons for tutoring are multiple, but the basics of tutoring remain the same: to assist a child in succeeding.

Tutoring offers personalized attention which can be given in a one on one situation. Personalized attention is given to each individual student. In the average classroom, the teacher must focus on the needs of twenty or thirty students, but a tutor concentrates on the abilities of the student directly in front of him. The child is no longer one in a crowd. A classroom teacher must stay on task and move from one area to another area of learning at a given rate. Test preparation is often the most motivating circumstance is a classroom.  A tutor can concentrate on the abilities of the student and move forward only when the student is ready. There is no need to keep up with the pace of the class leaving behind any student who has not yet mastered the concept of the lesson. Instead, the tutor can spend as much time as necessary on the subjects the student finds difficult. If the child has mastered a concept, the tutor will not dwell on it but move ahead in the curriculum.

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Oct 13 | “D-minus? But I memorized EVERYTHING!”

This is a fantastic blog regarding one of the issues that I encounter in my math classroom all the time.  Students are trained now days to regurgitate information that has been presented in the classroom rather than presented with opportunities to think about and apply concepts in ways that are aplicable to "real life."  Improving math and science scores has been a hot topic recently as the United States has fallen way behind compared to other countries.  I have never been in other countries classrooms, but I think that in countries that score high on these test the students are taught how to think and use information they have learned rather than repeat processes that they have memorized.   I think that if we want to improve students math and science scores students need to be trained to think rather than repeat things that they have memorized in the classroom.

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Feb 23 | SAT Test Prep

Do you have a student who is getting ready to take the SAT test? We have a tutor who can help your child be better prepared to take this test and show them how to achieve the best scores they can get. Call us today to set up your first session. We have package rates for the SAT Test Prep sessions.

Hurry, it's not too late the get a few sessions in before the next SAT Test on March 13, but it's the perfect time to start to prepare for the SAT Test for the May 1st SAT Test date!

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