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Tutoring For A Cause

Aug 24 | Tutoring For A Cause

Reasons for tutoring are multiple, but the basics of tutoring remain the same: to assist a child in succeeding.

Tutoring offers personalized attention which can be given in a one on one situation. Personalized attention is given to each individual student. In the average classroom, the teacher must focus on the needs of twenty or thirty students, but a tutor concentrates on the abilities of the student directly in front of him. The child is no longer one in a crowd. A classroom teacher must stay on task and move from one area to another area of learning at a given rate. Test preparation is often the most motivating circumstance is a classroom.  A tutor can concentrate on the abilities of the student and move forward only when the student is ready. There is no need to keep up with the pace of the class leaving behind any student who has not yet mastered the concept of the lesson. Instead, the tutor can spend as much time as necessary on the subjects the student finds difficult. If the child has mastered a concept, the tutor will not dwell on it but move ahead in the curriculum.

Follow up:

Students often need tutoring only in specific areas such as math or reading. The observant parent will be aware when the child tells them he/she “hates” math or reading. The grades begin to fail in that area. Academic test may show that the child is below expectations in that area. The child may not want to go to school because of that one subject. When these symptoms occur, the child needs extra help. Tutoring in only one area of need will build the confidence of the child in that area and allow him/her to work on an acceptable grade level. By solving the problem early, the child is not “set-up” for failure.

Often a school does not have the facilities or the time to accommodate a child who is simply bored in school. This child is not struggling with homework. He simply is not motivated in a traditional school setting. This child needs strong motivation to keep his/her mind occupied. Not given that opportunity the child may lapse in a state of boredom and not understand why an education is needed. Occasionally the child becomes a “troublemaker” not only at school but also in the home.  In order to stimulate learning in a positive atmosphere, tutoring becomes the method of choice. Through a tutor the child is provided educational stimulation that was unavailable in the classroom setting. The tutor can open the mind of the child to new and exciting experiences. Instead of being held back on the time schedule of a classroom, the child is motivated to learn new concepts and explore the world around him/her.

Tutoring is an excellent benefit for those who are striving for a major college. Grades must be kept to a high level in order to pass the necessary tests and gain admittance. Beginning early to challenge and prepare the student is a definite plus. The earlier this learning process is begun, the higher the success rate.

Consider the success rate you want for your child and work toward that goal. Tutors are available for almost every subject and cover everything from basic math and reading to advanced chemistry and beyond.

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