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Happy Holiday Series | New Year's Around The World

Dec 22 | Happy Holiday Series | New Year's Around The World

All around the world people celebrate the coming of the New Year. But every celebration is not the same and traditions are very varied! Did you know that in...

Australia New Year's day is celebrated with picnics and camp outs on the beach. Because Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, January 1st falls during the summer months so New Year's day is a day filled with outdoor activities such as rodeos, picnics, and surf carnivals.

Follow up:

Britain the people practice the tradition of first footing. The first male visitor to a home brings with them good luck for the coming year by bringing gifts of money, bread, or coal which assures the family of having plenty of these items. The first visitor should never have blond or red hair or be a woman as these people are said to bring bad luck.

Denmark people save broken dishes all year so that they can throw the shards at the doors of their friends. Having a big pile of broken dishes on your doorstep means that you have many friends.

Germany it is a tradition to drop molten lead into cold water. The shape made by the cooling lead is said to foretell the events of the coming year. A circle might mean a wedding or a cow that there would be plenty of food.

Portugal and Spain people pick twelve grapes from a bunch and eat them as the clock strikes twelve to ensure twelve happy months in the coming year.

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