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Jan 17 | Preparing For Your Child's IEP Meeting

The IEP meeting is very important for your child. In this meeting, you, one or more representative teachers, and an administrator will discuss your child’s education and his special needs so you need to be prepared. The meeting has a definite purpose: To help everyone involved with the education of your child to understand your child’s strengths and needs.

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Oct 26 | Building Confidence in the Dyslexic Child

Unfortunately, the majority of children who are dyslexic are convinced that they are stupid and worthless. This child experiences failure in class, day after day. He/she looks around and sees the other children succeeding only to realize that he/she is failing. What other conclusion but “dumb” can they draw?

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Mar 30 | Dyslexia Research and Resources

Elephant IllusionTrue dyslexia affects about 3 to 6 percent of the population. In its broadest sense, dyslexia is a learning disability that impairs a person's fluency or accuracy in being able to read, speak, and spell. It is not an intellectual disability but a learning disability. Symptoms of dyslexia are not due to poor vision or hearing but because of brain dysfunction. The eyes and ears are working properly but the lower centers of the brain scramble the images or sounds before they reach the higher centers of the brain. The problem is not what the dyslexic sees...but how their mind interprets the information. Look at the elephant and count his legs. Are there five...four? As you look at the image your brain jumps back and forth from "seeing" first four and then five legs. Imagine though that as you read this post your brain does the same thing; not with the drawing...but with the letters. Like an optical illusion...the dyslexic brain does not properly interpret the information it's given.

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