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Jan 17 | Preparing For Your Child's IEP Meeting

The IEP meeting is very important for your child. In this meeting, you, one or more representative teachers, and an administrator will discuss your child’s education and his special needs so you need to be prepared. The meeting has a definite purpose: To help everyone involved with the education of your child to understand your child’s strengths and needs.

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Apr 28 | Summertime Learning - Planting A Garden

It's nearly summer break and the season of, "I don't have anything to do!" Parents across the country are worrying about children who are too heavy; who don't get outside enough or get enough exercise; who are failing in school; and with whom they feel that they are becoming increasingly out of touch. There is a perfect summer activity that will address all of these issues and more...plant a garden with your child!

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Mar 16 | Playing The Poverty Card

I just finished reading a phenomenal article by Laurie H. Rogers entitled Poverty NOT the problem with K-12 Mathematics for EducationNews and was amazed at how wonderfully she articulated what I have been thinking.

Rogers provides a classic example of the evasion of responsibility endemic in school districts across the country when she quotes a teacher as saying, “We have so many poor people. Can’t you see we’re doing our best? It’s the poverty. We can’t overcome poverty. Poverty is the problem. We also have ineffective teachers, uninvolved parents, unmotivated students, social issues, lack of money, changing standards, testing, No Child Left Behind, huge classes, and … uh … a bunch of other things for which we’re definitely NOT responsible … But, the main problem is poverty.” I'm reminded of my daughter complaining that her toe hurt when she bent it backward. " hurts when I do this!" "Well," I'd reply. "Don't do that!" It's time for teachers across the county to realize that they are the single best offense we have in this country to break the poverty cycle. My advice to them is to stop complaining about a problem they are creating and that they can fix!

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Jan 28 | Xenogamy and Education: A Lesson From the Birds and the Bees

PollinationHow much time does your child spend each day studying mathematics and reading? How long do they study science, history, social studies, geography, music, art, and physical education? If your child's school is like many others across the country the answer may well be, "Ahhhhh, not much." In our zeal to produce higher test scores in math and reading...the gold standard of proof of the well educated child...these other disciplines are being all but ignored. More and more time is being devoted to these two grail subjects and yet our children's academic performance as measured by standardized tests continues to deteriorate. Administrators across the country are scratching their heads in confusion and exclaiming with bemused expressions on their faces, "How can that possibly be?"

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Jan 06 | What is right with Finnish schools?

The 2009 results of the OECD Programme for International Student Assesment or PISA were released in November. My colleague, Cherrie Kilby, wrote a good analysis of the results that would be helpful for background information. In a nutshell, Finnish students consistently place first or second out of member countries in the PISA assessment. My question is what the school system in Finland is doing that school districts in the United States are not.

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