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Oct 12 | Scholarship Information

Here is a brief list of some of the available scholarships for 2012 seniors with contact information and application deadlines.  Creative Tutors can help with scholarship application essays as well as college application essays.  

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Oct 01 | Beginning Math For The Dyslexic Child

All parents are eager to see a baby’s first step.  Then they wait for the first word, and, before long, the parents are teaching their child ABC’s and how to count.  For the parents of the dyslexic child this moment will not come at an early age.  The parents may think, “Oh, he’ll grow out of it.  Just wait until he goes to school.”  And they do.  But the problem isn’t solved at school. 

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Sep 17 | Summer's Over


Yes, summer is over. Hopefully, this summer has been one that can be happily remembered. We want those school years to be remembered happily, too. There are ways to brighten going back to school for children. If the school year begins well, chances are the rest of the year will go well also. So, what can be done to help everyone ease back into the school year with the least amount of conflict?

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May 12 | Our Children's Dreams

I think perhaps that as parents we might better understand our children if we understood their dreams. Not the ones they have at night...but the dreams they have of their future. Some children dream of being a ballerina, or a fireman, or the President. Others imagine themselves training horses, or living in a big house. And others apparently have less ambitious but none the less valid dreams that might seem nonsensical but which when understood might answer many questions about how they see the world and act in what seem to be illogical ways.

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Jan 06 | What is right with Finnish schools?

The 2009 results of the OECD Programme for International Student Assesment or PISA were released in November. My colleague, Cherrie Kilby, wrote a good analysis of the results that would be helpful for background information. In a nutshell, Finnish students consistently place first or second out of member countries in the PISA assessment. My question is what the school system in Finland is doing that school districts in the United States are not.

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