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Basic Water Safety Tips For Children

Jun 10 | Basic Water Safety Tips For Children

We all have heard of tragedies involving children drowning...even when they were under supervision. It's a horrific event that all too often destroys families as well...when they need each other the most. Did you know that:

  • each year in the United States nearly 1,000 children die by drowning.
  • most drownings occur in home swimming pools.
  • drowning deaths of children can occur within 20 seconds. Infants, toddlers, and weak swimmers should have an adult swimmer within arm's reach at all times to provide "touch supervision."
  • young children can drown in less than 2" of water.
  • young children are especially vulnerable.

The good news is that with some common sense and practice of basic safety rules, drowning doesn't need to happen.

Follow up:

Stay Close, Be Alert, WATCH

  1. Never leave a child unattended...even for a "minute".
  2. Never take your eyes off your child while they are in the water.
  3. Teach children basic safety rules. Never run near a pool is a great one to start with.
  4. Keep a telephone nearby when your children are in the water.
  5. Always look first in a pool or spa if you can't find your child.
  6. If you don't know how to swim...learn BEFORE you allow children in water under your supervision.
  7. Make sure your child knows how to swim...or at the very least to roll over and float. Make sure your children are comfortable enough in the water that they know what to do if they get into trouble  so that they do not panic.
  8. Keep your pool very makes it easier for a child to get out on their own.
  9. Clear all toys from around or in the pool when it's not being used. They can be too much of a temptation for young children.
  10. Don't allow your child to play with "noodles" or other toy floatation devices in the pool. It is too easy for them to float into trouble.
  11. Learn CPR.
  12. Learn the basics of life-saving.
  13. Install a four foot high fence around your pool and spa.
  14. Install door alarms for all house exits to the pool area.
  15. If your children are especially adventurous consider purchasing a surface wave or underwater alarm.
  16. You wouldn't allow your child to ride in a car without a child safety seat or seatbelt. Never let them ride in a boat without a Coast Guard approved life vest/floatation device.

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