Children are our future. Each child possesses unique talents and gifts that are waiting to be shared. Education helps unlock this potential and opens up a world of opportunity. At Creative Tutors our mission is help each child reach their full potential and to make their dreams reality by providing individualized, one-on-one educational support to build a strong foundation for learning, growth, and positive self-esteem.


Since 1999 Creative Tutors has been providing customized, in-home, one-on-one tutoring. Our educational philosophy is simple. Education is the foundation on which children can build a life full of creativity, success, and happiness. We are dedicated to helping all children build this foundation by achieving success in the classroom. Creative Tutors provides tutoring services that are not dependent on a set curriculum or delivered in a standard classroom facility. Our focus is on offering expert, one-on-one assistance tailored to the specific needs of each child on their family's schedule and at the location of their choice.


When you choose Creative Tutors to provide supplemental educational assistance for your child you are choosing a team of highly trained, degreed educators whose only goal is to give your child the tools they need to be successful in the classroom. As part of our program, each child will be carefully evaluated to determine their individual learning style. In order to develop a personalized learning plan for your child, our staff will discuss concerns with you and your child as well as review all teacher referrals in detail. If needed, we will visit your child's classrooms and/or meet with their teachers. This customized approach combined with one-on-one attention allows your child to experience less adjustment time; thus making their sessions much more productive right from the start.

As part of our educational process you will receive a session report after each tutoring session which will describe in detail the progress made by your child and highlight areas needing continued support. In addition, quarterly achievement reports are prepared for each child that address progress towards achievement of long term goals and provide the basis for further customization of their tutoring plans. Download our brochure for more information.

Our Tutors

Our expert tutors are certified to teach all subject areas including mathematics, language arts, SAT and ACT prep, foreign languages, social studies, science, and history for grades PK-12 and each undergoes a thorough, annual background check.

Getting Started

It's easy to get started! Just call 1-877-TUTORS-U or email the local office nearest your home. Because of our large pool of experienced teachers we can often begin tutoring sessions within twenty-four hours. Plus, with no annual commitment to sign or minimum hours of tutoring required we are flexible enough to manage your child's long-term tutoring requirements or short term project assistance. And, because Creative Tutors does not require diagnostic testing there are no expensive start-up costs. Call today and your child can begin their journey towards educational success!

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Because of the depth and experience or our tutor pool Creative Tutors offers a wide range of services to assist your child. Creative Tutors targets students who face the threat of retention, as well as those who risk being promoted without the necessary skills for lifelong success.

1-on-1 Tutoring

Personalized curriculum instruction with a unique learning program customized for each student.

Test Prep

A not-so-standard approach to PSAT, SAT, ACT and state exit exam preparation.

Special Projects

Our tutors are available for short-term special project assistance for science fairs, history fairs, and term paper research and writing.

Special Needs

We have certified special education tutors to work with children with a variety of learning differences and attention disorders.

Gifted and Talented

Our professional tutors can design a customized enrichment program for your gifted and talented child.

Home Schooling

Assistance for the home schooling family is a specialty of our Creative Tutors.

Diagnostic Testing

Through our network of local experts Creative Tutors can provide a wide array of diagnostic testing for your child when indicated.


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